Service Management


Service is at the heart of most companies in this business. After all, techs fixing equipment is how most organizations in this industry began. But as equipment lifecycles become shorter, and more and more repairs require outsourcing, managing the service side of the business and keeping it profitable is harder than ever.

Ease the burden on service managers by providing all the tools required for effective serial number and equipment tracking, operational management, and technician analysis. The result is increased control, improved employee productivity, and higher service profitability.


Accurate and immediate information related to equipment being serviced is imperative. However, many times valuable data such as the equipment serial number, the customer’s credit standing, where the equipment should be repaired, and any previous service history is not kept online or easily available. The absence of that vital information is often responsible for lost revenue, unprofitable or unwarranted repairs, and a big loss in employee productivity.

Service Management provides online access to detailed equipment history, contracts, and all relevant customer information as soon as a serial number is entered or scanned, thus eliminating potential revenue and productivity losses. Also, any warranty or maintenance coverage that applies is identified, as well as where the equipment is normally repaired (shop, factory, depot, etc.). These features offer further protection from revenue losses and provide improved customer service.


Service Managers need the ability to track all service work in progress. If a ticket gets “lost” in the system, or is under the front seat of a tech’s vehicle for so long that it can’t be billed, the revenue from that job is lost. It’s also imperative to accurately record any parts used and all labor expended to complete a job in order to ensure success.

Improve management control and service profitability. Status codes prevent tickets from getting “lost”, and allow managers to easily monitor the progress of certain equipment conditions such as equipment that’s been sent to the factory or depot, and which repairs are waiting for parts. Based on the boundaries established for your organization, automatic notification is provided anytime a job exceeds the acceptable limits you define.

Plus, the ability to search for, review, edit, print, fax, or email job tickets by status offers additional flexibility and control over the repair process.

Accessories that are brought in with equipment are documented to avoid misunderstandings and customer satisfaction issues, and alerts advising employees of recent service performed on the unit, or special customer requirements, are displayed. Inventory is immediately updated to reflect any parts used, and job tickets containing backordered parts can be linked to purchase orders for automatic fulfillment upon receipt. Labor lines for one or multiple techs are entered into the system with a minimum of keystrokes using our “quik key” feature, eliminating duplicate effort and keying errors.


Immediate access to detailed service history, and the ability to monitor the efficiency of the technicians is essential to effectively managing the service department. Tracking equipment warranties and maintenance coverage, and notifying customers of impending expirations are also important factors that contribute to your overall profitability and success.

Our software is specifically designed to address service management requirements. Technician productivity for one or all techs can be reviewed online, anytime, as can service history. Warranty and maintenance expiration reports can be scheduled to run automatically, and the information can then be used to follow up with customers. These powerful tools provide better control over the service process, opportunities to generate additional revenues, and improved customer service.

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