Service Management Software

The state of service in the Two-Way and Wireless industry

The Service business has expanded from the traditional break and fix business model we all knew.  Today, Technicians need additional skills to successfully navigate complex systems and work seamlessly with third-party vendors. Managing these changes and new skill requirements can be very disruptive to daily operations.

Ease the burden on your Service Managers by providing them with the right tools to run the Service Department.   The result will be increased control, improved Technician Productivity, higher Service profitability, and very satisfied customers. 


Accurate and immediate information about equipment being serviced is critical.  FUSION’s Service Management provides access to detailed equipment history, service contracts, and all relevant customer information as soon as the serial number is entered or scanned; eliminating potential revenue and productivity losses.

Track Serialized Equipment

  • Warranty & Maintenance Info & Expirations 
  • Service Contract Coverage Details
  • Service History
  • Where Repaired (Shop, Depot, etc.)
  • Service Repeats

Track Service Progress

  • Create Service Tickets
  • Assign Techs Based on Skills Required
  • Schedule / Dispatch Techs
  • Monitor Service Status Codes
  • Document Accessories
  • Record Parts & Labor
  • Relieve / Update Inventory (In-house or Service Vehicle locations)
  • Review Completed Tickets to Ensure Accurate Billing
  • Automatic Internal/ Email Escalation by Status

Increase Technician Productivity

  • Email Field Tech’s Daily Schedule (saves time, gas, and a trip to the office)
  • Service Order Entry – Mobile or In-house Techs (laptop, tablet, phone)
    • No “lost”, unbillable tickets
    • No Friday afternoon recreation of the week
    • No duplicate effort for entry of service details
    • Immediately visible for review
    • Sharply reduce the time from job completion to invoicing
  • Barcode Scanning of Equipment, Parts Used, Common Labor Tasks
  • Immediate Access to Equipment Service History & Service Contracts
  • Track Technician Training and Certifications


With a redesigned look and workflow, our mobile product is more powerful and user-friendly than ever!  Provide your technicians with a real-time Service tool they can use to quickly update the status of their jobs, start new tickets, scan serial numbers, capture customer signatures, and email copies of completed tickets to customers. No need for duplicate effort…all information is updated to the back office server as it’s completed and is instantly available for action by Service Managers and/or Administrative staff.

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