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TuWay Communications chose “Systems” after other products failed.


TuWay Communications, a Motorola dealer based in Bethlehem, PA, had purchased a standard business management software package with the intent to customize it to the unique needs of a two-way and wireless communications business. The gains they had hoped to receive from the software should have produced a return far greater than their initial investment.


TuWay had originally considered buying our software, but was wary of the IBM platform. Instead, generic business software that ran on a PC network was purchased with the promise that it would wring out inefficiencies and increase profits. However, after 18 months and over $70,000, the PC-based system was still not producing the desired results—and there was no end in sight.

“(The software)…was completely ineffective at helping us to manage our business,” stated Arthur Taschler, Jr., the company’s director of corporate operations.

A difficult decision had to be made.

Should TuWay continue to pay for customization and preserve their already substantial investment in the software? Or should they scrap that effort and purchase a whole new system? If TuWay bought a new package, how could they be certain they weren’t repeating the same pattern?


TuWay was sure of one thing: they wanted a package that was designed with their business in mind. They wanted a vendor that knew their industry and could make the system produce results. The new system would have to make managing the business easier and more profitable by providing accurate information in real time at all levels of the organization. And, they wanted a vendor that supported them by maintaining the software and enhancing it as the industry grows and changes.

After much research and deliberation, they chose Systems Implementation, Inc. There was some understandable apprehension about choosing another package based on their experience with the previous software vendor and they were still unfamiliar with the IBM server. But, they were won over by the industry-specific attributes of the software and the overwhelming references and reputation of the company.


The installation went smoothly and TuWay is ecstatic with the results.

Even though there were some challenges in converting the data from the previous partially-customized platform, the Systems Implementation team assisted TuWay through the entire process. And the IBM server? It turned out to be a robust platform with no downtime, easy to manage and operate, and very cost effective.

Were there any surprises?

“Yes, the degree of control and improved integrity of our management information. Also, the quality of support from Systems Implementation,” raved Taschler. “They are a top-flight, customer-oriented firm committed to the success of their customers. They have become trusted partners who are essential to the ongoing success of our company!”

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