Empower Your Sales Team with The CRM Hub

A Better Way to Cultivate New Business


In today’s competitive marketplace, organizations need new methods to bring in a steady stream of business. Enter the CRM Hub, an innovative tool that enhances the management of customer and prospect accounts to make sales teams even more formidable.

The CRM Hub eliminates the need for reps to hunt through multiple menus or layers of screens, by housing all sales and marketing tools in one central repository. Information is right at the user’s fingertips, saving valuable time. And, because the Hub can be personalized for each user, reps have the freedom to customize their experience for better focus.

Another unique feature of the CRM Hub is how it allows sales teams to harness the power of Social Media. With enhanced contact visibility, seamless email integration, to-do lists, and the ability to enter and access Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter links, sales teams can track prospects and customers better than ever – giving them a leg-up on the competition.

And finally, the CRM Hub’s Campaign and Sales Dashboards are exclusive features that provide key indicators for campaign analysis and the sales funnel. Stunning graphs paint the picture, with drill down capability throughout. Controlled by permissions, managers, team members, and individuals can view:

  • Top 10 Campaigns
  • Overall Campaign Effectiveness – Leads, Quotes, and Revenue Generated
  • Sales Stats – Forecasted vs. Actual Sales, Quota vs. Attainment to Date
  • The Sales Quote Funnel Broken Down by User Defined Stages
  • Discover how the CRM Hub equips your sales team with the tools they need to compete. Contact Systems Implementation today
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