Contracts & Recurring Billing

Contracts & Recurring Billing

With Fusion, you can generate service contracts automatically from sales orders if desired, or re-write and renew contracts with just one-key. Our Recurring Billing functionality enables setup with or without a contract in place, and provides flexible billing frequency and multiple invoice types that fit your two way or wireless business. More details are below:


  • Online Profitability Information
  • By Contract and Individual Pieces of Equipment
  • Maintenance Revenue vs. Cost
  • Time and Material Revenue vs. Cost
  • Create Contract with or without Serial Numbers Defined
  • Job Ticket Entry Can Automatically Add Serial Numbers to Contracts When Brought in for Repair
  • Automatically Generate Contract from a Sales Order
  • “FLI” Window While in Contracts
       Serial Numbers, Service History, Customers, etc.
  • Where Repaired Codes for Contract and Individual Pieces of Equipment
  • Special Coverage Indicated by Equipment Type
  • One-Key Renewal
  • Contracts Due to Expire Report
  • Warranties Due to Expire Report
  • Contract Profitability Report
  • Maintenance Contract Savings Report

Recurring Billing

  • Recurring Bill Can be Setup with or without a Contract in Place
  • Flexible Billing Frequency (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.)
  • Multiple Invoice Types (basic, summary, detail)
  • Taxable Amount May be Overridden to Flat Amount or Percent
  • Bill in Advance or Arrears
  • Prorated First Bill 
  • Automatically Email Invoices
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