Sales Management


Sales Managers are facing some really tough challenges. The business is changing …again. With the decline of traditional sales, fierce competition, and low equipment profit margins, success in today’s environment requires employing every tool available to close the deal.

System’s Sales Management provides all the essential tracking, operational, management, and sales analysis tools necessary to drive more revenue and increase bottom line profitability with new and existing customers.

Track Prospective Sales

Multi-touch campaigns and on-going follow up is critical to keeping the sales pipeline full. However, too often the methods used to track the sales process are completely isolated from the central customer and prospect database. This can lead to lost or inaccurate account information, longer sales cycles, and dissatisfaction with the level of service provided.

Sales prospecting and tracking is an integrated part of our software, and all the data resides in one place. You can monitor prospect and customer activity, and allow reps to access pertinent information online, anytime. The result? Increased productivity, higher close ratios, and improved responsiveness and attention to detail for customers and prospects alike.

Create Quotes

In many organizations sales reps routinely generate quotes on their own PC’s, often working with different formats and pricing structures. Using this practice, quotes lack corporate uniformity, prices are frequently inaccurate, and valuable sales time is lost manually looking up prices in books or copying them from previous quotes. In addition, tracking current opportunities to accurately forecast department sales and determine required resources becomes very difficult. And to top it off, whenever a sales rep leaves, all of that valuable information walks out the door with them.

Our software can change all that. Quotes are entered directly into the system, where pricing and profitability are checked automatically before they’re sent out. And, because they can be reviewed online, reprinted, faxed, or emailed as necessary; managing outstanding quotes is faster and easier too. Expiration dates and notifications keep sales managers informed and sales reps focused. The bottom line is more time for the reps to sell, better control over the sales process, and always accurate pricing.

Process Orders

Order processing with other software systems can be inefficient and time-consuming. Changing an approved quote to an order typically means re-keying it, and an order for 50 portables may require entering the same line item 50 times! Also, if there’s not a way to copy a previous order for repeat business or credits, they need to be re-keyed too. Once the order is invoiced, typically there’s no easy way to access the information for manufacturer reporting, and calculating and splitting commission between the sales reps for individual orders and large jobs can take 1-2 days a month!

With Sales Management productivity in order processing really gets a boost. Approved quotes are converted to orders with a single keystroke. And an order for 50 portables is entered as one line on the order with the ability to select the associated serial numbers, enter programming information, and automatically create the associated job tickets and purchase orders.

In addition, any order type can be copied eliminating duplicate effort on repeat orders and credits. There’s also an integrated manufacturer’s report, making the task of providing sales information to your supplier a breeze. And finally, the software calculates commissions based on gross profit (including sales rep splits) and stores the information online for viewing and editing by authorized personnel saving sales managers an enormous amount of time!

Analyze Sales

When it’s time to analyze sales, most sales managers just don’t have the tools they need, unless they created them. There may be reports produced at the end of the month, but they’re often lengthy and cumbersome. This makes extracting meaningful information for developing campaigns or sales rep incentives very difficult.

Provide sales managers with the power to manage the sales department more effectively. Up-to-date sales and profitability information online by company, or broken down by sales rep, shop, equipment lines, individual items, etc., is available at the touch of a button. With that level of information available, sales rep performance can be easily evaluated, sales campaigns can be monitored, and customer trends can be identified. Using these tools sales managers are able to uncover new revenue opportunities in a timely manner, and act on them.

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