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The IBM System i Servers Hardware Platform

The IBM System i Server platform gives you freedom – freedom from unneeded complexity. Freedom to resist viruses. Freedom from high ownership costs. Freedom to manage your systems easily and effectively. Freedom from low ROI. In short, the freedom to focus on your business, rather than your technology.

The innovative technology of the IBM i line allows businesses to exploit new technologies while providing robust security and virus resistance. In addition, superior application flexibility lets businesses choose the best applications and /or operating systems to meet their needs. And finally, with a set of new ebusiness tools, IBM i customers can run their IT infrastructures efficiently and effectively – from managing multiple workloads to testing new solutions.

The bottom line? IBM i Servers allow customers the freedom to succeed.

Innovative Technology

IBM System i Servers offer long-term maximization of existing software investments, while allowing you to capitalize on new e-business opportunities through rapidly deployed Web-enabled applications. The System i's high performance 64-bit architecture frees applications from hardware dependency so you can exploit new technologies – without having to rewrite or replace your applications.

No need to worry about virus attacks. The System i's unique architecture permanently tags a new object as either data or a program to help prevent it from disguising itself and harming your system. Easy management - anywhere, anytime. Dynamic resource allocation and enhanced clustering options provide high levels of availability, while sophisticated wireless console management frees operators from the machine room.
Integrated Microsoft Windows support. The Integrated IBM System i Server allows you to run multiple Windows® servers from within or directly attached to your iSeries.



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