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Contracts / Recurring Billing


  • On-line Profitability Information
  • By Contract and Individual Pieces of Equipment
  • Maintenance Revenue vs. Cost
  • Time and Material Revenue vs. Cost
  • Create Contract with or without Serial Numbers Defined
  • Job Ticket Entry can automatically add serial numbers to contracts when brought in for repair
  • Automatically Generate Contract from a Sales Order
  • “FLI” Window while in Contracts
  • serial numbers, service history, customers, etc.
  • Where Repaired codes for Contract and Individual Pieces of Equipment
  • Special Coverage Indicated by Equipment Type
  • One-Key Renewal
  • Contracts Due to Expire Report
  • Warranties Due to Expire Report
  • Contract Profitability Report

Recurring Billing

  • Recurring bill can be setup with or without a Contract in place
  • Flexible Billing Frequency (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.)
  • Multiple Invoice Types (basic, summary, detail)
  • Taxable amount may be overridden to flat amount or percent
  • Bill in Advance or Arrears

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